Fatih Rider

Faith Riders is a motorcycle ministry of Calvary Baptist Church, and one chapter among many across the nation.  We all have a common love for God, people, and motorcycles.  Believing that God has given us all talents, abilities, and uniqueness to win the lost around us, our goal is to use what we have and who we are to reach those around us. Our commitment is to use whatever is in our hands as a tool to reach the world and often it’s a motorcycle.  Our bikes and our trips enable us to talk about our faith and God’s creation to a mostly unreached group of people who share our same interests.  Although this is a motorcycle ministry, owning a bike is not required.  We invite anyone who loves Jesus and has a testimony to share to be a part of this ministry.

If you would like more information on Faith Riders or would like to become a member please contact Jody Stuckey at jstuckey7185@yahoo.com