How often do you find yourself absorbed in the average, predictable way of life? Perhaps you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again while wondering why? You feel that there is more to you then what the world has to offer and there is something in you that craves to know what it is.

The Bible says that Christ came to give us the best life possible. This means that choosing to live a life that honors God is the best choice we can make. But how do you do that ? Is it really possible to have fun and live for God. Yes it is, and at calvary we put a lot of energy into helping people understand how it is possible.

The truth is that you will not become who you were intended to be by remaining who you are. Through weekend services, small group ministries, special events, and service opportunities, we endeavor to help each other become who God intended us to be.

Every weekend, several hundred people gather together at Calvary to experience the excitement of living for God. Through music, testimonies, drama, teaching, and fellowship we strive to discover more about the incredible life Jesus Christ offers. We want Children, youth, college, and adults to experience the best life possible so we talk a lot about Jesus, what He offers, and what we are to do for Him.

You were created for a purpose and I want to help you discover what that purpose is. Please come and join us this coming weekend for an experience that can lead you to living the best life possible.

See you soon,
Pastor Bill Reid