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9:00am - Worship/Life Group

10:30am - Worship/Life Group

Calvary Baptist Church is located about 3 miles north of Interstate 20. Take exit 85 onto Highway 167.                                                                                         Click HERE for directions!

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Great Discipleship Opportunities

Beginning January 7 Calvary started 2018 with some great discipleship opportunities! On Sunday mornings, for 6 weeks all of our life groups (children through adults) are studying First Peter: Living as Strangers in a Secular World. In the first century, believers were suffering and facing hardship because of their faith in Jesus. Peter wrote a letter to remind them that their heavenly hope and eternal inheritance outweighed anything faced in this life. He encouraged them to live holy lives motivated by love.

This message delivered by Peter has great relevance for today, as more pressure is being put on Christians around the world. The study will be a source of encouragement to believers facing this increasing pressure, reminding them that they are foreigners in a distant land and that one day they will gain the privileges of their heavenly citizenship. 

On Sunday nights, all college students and adults are invited to a study  called Explore Missions put out by the International Mission Board. "What does Jesus want us to do? The first answer to that question, of course, is that he wants us to repent of our sins and put our trust in him. This topic is intended for people who have already taken that step. For those of us who know Jesus and trust him, we know that he taught us a lot about how we are to live our lives, love other people, and worship God. However, we also believe that he wants us to do these things in the context of a mission that he gave us—a mission we are to carry out in the world. This topic is designed to help you explore and understand that mission."  We will draw from these basic ideas: missions and the Old Testament, missions and the New Testament, being a disciple of Jesus, what do missionaries do, our family story, and missions and the world today. Please join us for this great time of learning together!